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How I Found Out I Was Pregnant with Twins!

Of course, when I first took a pee stick test, I wasn’t thinking about being pregnant with twins at all. Who does, right?

I was just thinking, “Positive” or “Not Positive”! When it lit up right away, within 10 seconds, I just thought, “Wow, it’s positive!” instead of, “That’s awfully quick for a test to light up…”

Turns out, that’s common with twin pregnancies due to the higher levels of pregnancy hormones in the body.

At the time, I was just happy it turned positive at all.

How I Found Out I Was Pregnant With Twins

It wasn’t until a month and a half later we had our 8 week dating ultrasound, a routine procedure to figure out my actual due date. I was just nervous for everything to be okay and to hear a heartbeat for one baby. Again, I wasn’t even thinking about twins!

I had gained some weight early on and was already busting out of my normal pants, but I figured, maybe that was normal.

Anyway, here’s the super funny story of how we actually found out it was twins…

The 8 Week Dating Ultrasound

After waiting in the lobby of the ultrasound place for what seemed like forever with a full bladder (seriously, it’s so mean to make preggo ladies wait, people!), they called my name. I went into the little dark room. My husband was told to wait outside (I thought he’d be allowed to come with me!).

The ultrasound technician was a young woman and very nice. She put the jelly on my belly and pushed the wand thingy around, with the monitor facing her so I couldn’t see anything. I get that she was doing her job and tried to be quiet so she could concentrate.

She was taking a really long time, so I eventually asked if everything was okay. She replied right away with, “Yes! Absolutely! Everything looks great and there’s a strong heartbeat. Just grabbing some measurements and then I’ll get your husband to come in and I’ll show you everything.”

I felt totally reassured then and was content to let her finish doing her job. Yay! I thought. Everything was healthy.

How I felt while she was running the ultrasound thing over me.

Eventually, she finished up and went to go get my husband. I was so excited to see everything.

The Big News Reveal…

He came in and there was nowhere to sit, so he just stood at the foot of the bed. I was still lying down with my shirt up.

The tech put the thingy back on my stomach and turned the monitor so we could see. She showed us what looked like basically I white blob in a black circle – our baby. “Here it is!” she said.

We were so excited! She told us there was a good heartbeat and everything looked normal. My husband and I were both grinning and excited that everything was healthy.


The tech swooped the wand over the other side of my pelvis in one quick motion. Before I could even register what she was doing, she said, “And here’s the other one!”

And at first I was like, “The other WHAT?”

But I knew what she meant. Then she said, “You’re having twins!”

pregnant with twins

I remember covering my face with my hands like WTF, but also being excited. Somehow I just knew all along it was twins, although I felt foolish for thinking so beforehand. Now I wonder if it’s a bit of a sixth sense.

My husband is a man of few words and difficult to ruffle his feathers. He was in shock, and basically kept repeating, “Oh wow… oh wow…. WOW… oh wow..” as he nervously reached around behind him for something to sit down on. Ha!

He eventually found the edge of the bed and perched on that. I’d never seen him so unsteady on his feet before! It was pretty hilarious.

After that, the tech informed us they couldn’t see a separating membrane, which meant our twins could be mono-mono (or, in the same amniotic sac with no separation). That’s a very high risk pregnancy. Luckily, another ultrasound 2 weeks later confirmed the membrane, putting us into the medium-high risk category (mono-di twins) instead of super high-risk.

After the first ultrasound, we went for brunch at White Spot because I was starving and just sat there in disbelief. It felt cool knowing we were the only people who knew we were pregnant AND that it was twins. We hadn’t told any family at that point. It was our little secret.

Shortly after, we told our families the good news with a custom Christmas photo ornament I made. They saw the ultrasound pic and freaked out, but no one looked long enough to realize there were two babies in there until we told them to have another peek… It was pretty fun.

Did you also have twins? How and when did you find out the crazy news?

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