Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Cool Moms

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Last year was technically my first Mother’s Day, but the boys were still in very critical condition and things changed by the hour. We were still being asked if we wanted to withdraw life support from them, so I didn’t feel very “motherly” and it certainly wasn’t a time we wanted to celebrate anything.

This year is a little different. Holidays are still… eh. I don’t know. They put me off a little. Maybe because they often highlight the abnormality of our life. But I am actually excited for Mother’s Day this year. It’s one of those dumb Hallmark-y holidays that doesn’t really mean anything, but hey, we can celebrate, right?

I’m not one who thinks elaborate gifts should be present at every holiday (hello why are Easter presents and Valentine’s Day presents etc a thing?) but sometimes a small token of appreciation to us moms goes a long way.

But flowers and tea aren’t every mom’s thing, so here is a list of stuff you can get for the COOL MOM in your life. (Yes, I am one of those, right? I’m cool? 🤷🏼‍♀️)

This “Not Today Satan” Coffee Mug

Perfect for the stylish, colourful and somewhat sweary mom in your life. Shop it on Firebox.

These Slothy Coffee Socks

Do you ever sit there holding a mug of coffee staring at your child/children with wide, raccoon-ey rimmed eyes? No, just me then? Cool, cool.

Shop the socks here at Modcloth (they also have lots of other quirky ones).

This Bath Mat for Cool Cats


Shop is on Modcloth.

This Beer Poster

I feel like it should come with stickers to mark the ones that have been tried.

Available here.

These Dainty Heart Earrings

Love Etsy for unique gifts! These heart earrings are so cute.

These Slippers. Because Slippers.

Snap em up on Amazon here!

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