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SHOP LAUNCH! + Helping Kids with Cerebral Palsy

Guys! I did a thing.

A THING thing.

I made… this.

A small shop, where I am selling hand-printed mugs, shirts n’ shiz. A bunch of you on Instagram told me you’d buy my crap, so here we are. lol.

New small shop supports Canadian kids with cerebral palsy.

Here is an example of that crap:

I have designed most of the items, and in some cases have hired artwork from awesome designers to print (with all the appropriate commercial licensing, of course). I hand-cut, print and package each item in my basement!

But why a small shop? Why am I selling this stuff?

Three reasons:

  1. It’s fun. It’s a creative outlet for me. (Read more about my crafting journey here!)
  2. Money – for us to keep paying for private physio/OT and equipment for the boys.
  3. Money – for OTHERS! Accessing private PT and OT in Canada can be very difficult, both geographically and financially. 20% of profits from EVERY sale will go toward Canadian families seeking private therapy options for their kids with cerebral palsy!

For a long time, I’ve wanted to give back. So many people helped us up to this point by donating money or other ways to help get us to our first Toronto physio intensive, and locally too. I have been thinking for over a year I’d like to do the same for other people, but was stuck on HOW to make that happen…

Then I realized: I can combine my new crafting hobby with giving back to others, and helping my boys, too.

The Latest Additions

I continue to add new products and designs all the time.

I would so love your support in this new endeavour, either by purchasing something for yourself or a gift, or simply a share on your social media would be fab!

Thank you as always for your support of my family, in so many ways! ❤️

If you have any questions about the shop, shipping, how I make something or a product question, just comment below and I’ll answer you right back!

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