Twin Pregnancy Update: Week 18

Time is flying! I’m now over halfway there!

I had one of my routine 2-week ultrasounds last Thursday and it went well, although there was a large discrepancy in fluid (8cm and 2cm) between the babies: borderline Stage 1 TTTS.

Twin Pregnancy Update 18 Week Bump

Of course, this really freaks me out if you’ve done any online research about TTTS and Mono-Di twins! However, I did find this recent study measuring outcomes for Stage 1 TTTS patients who did not have laser surgery. Overall survival rate was 82% without treatment! Those are pretty good odds…

Where I live, there are no healthcare centres that offer laser surgery for TTTS. It’s not as common here as it is in the United States to be treated for it. It’s much more a “watch and wait” approach taken here it seems.

If I did need the laser surgery, I would have to fly 5 hours to Toronto, across the country, to the one hospital that performs this risky operation. Eeek.

I have another ultrasound in a week from now and really hope it has either corrected itself, or not advanced any further, which my doctor said there is also a good chance of it fixing itself.

Twin Pregnancy 18 Week Bump

I’ve been doing everything I can to help that along. Except for what ended up being a taxing weekend with too much activity, I’ve been taking it easier. Resting more often (also because I’m sick!), and reducing my work hours (I currently work full-time and an extra 20-30 hours per week on my freelance work).

I’ve said no to a few work opportunities that have come my way, declined social events, and basically just focused on myself. It’s hard to let go of opportunities and say no to people, but I have to keep doing it for my babies!

I’ve also been trying to eat lots of protein and drink a tonne of water (I already do), as some sources say that helps… and keep a positive mindset.

I’ve been knocking back the Vega chocolate protein smoothies mixed with fresh berries, yogurt and almond milk. ❤

I was also recommended these supplements by my midwife to help build healthy red blood cells (I am anemic in thispregnancy) and help out the placenta. You can get em cheap on Amazon!

If you are also borderline Stage 1 TTTS or currently going through TTTS treatment, check out some of these awesome resources:

TTTS & sIUGR Facebook Group

Monochorionics Facebook Group

Mono-Di Twins Facebook Group

TTTS Foundation

Multiple Births Canada

Another big milestone this week? We bought our stroller! EEEK! It seems so REAL now.

It was on for a really good sale that I doubt would happen again before they arrive, so we decided to snag it. So glad we did.

We decided on the Contours Options Elite Tandem because it was the most cost-effective double stroller that you can attach 2 infant seats to. Many others are a double meant for one older child and one infant, as you can only attach 1 infant seat at a time. Obviously having true “twin features” was really important to us!

We got it at Best Buy randomly enough as I found it cheaper than Buy Buy Baby or other places that carry it – $399 CAD vs. $500 at other stores! Here’s the link on Best Buy Canada.

The sale is still on until March 8th if you wanna snag it too for all my Canadian friends!


Also looks like Amazon in the US has it for $399 regularly for my American friends.

Anyone else feel like their maternity pants ain’t gonna make it past the 25 week mark? Mine are TIGHT in the belly already… gahd.

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