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Twin Pregnancy Announcement Photos (+13 Week Update)

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Wow, 13 weeks! The last time I posted here was mid-December. Whoops. Time really got away from me over the last month as I accepted the news that we’re having TWINS (omg), and juggled my full-time job and freelance jobs with feeling sick, tired and totally out of energy.

Now that I’ve hit the 2nd trimester (I think?), I am starting to feel a little more like myself, except for this basketball glued to my midsection.

It’s like I don’t even have abs anymore. I roll most places now.

Getting out of bed? Roll.

Get off the couch? Roll.

Getting out of my chair at work? Roll.

Getting out of my car? Roll and breathe heavily.


This week was stressful for some personal reasons, but it was also pretty cool. I got an appointment set with a specialist who will be taking over my care for the remainder of my pregnancy (because Mono-Di twins are considered higher risk than normal/singleton or Di-Di twin pregnancies). Of course I Googled him right away and he sounds AMAZING, so I am very excited to meet him in early February.

We also took some awesome photos to announce our pregnancy to the world, thanks to our friend and photographer, Rachelle Gregory Photography!

I was planning to use one or two to announce with but dayyyyum this girl sent us like 30+ top-notch photos and I CAN’T CHOOSE. I’m just gonna post a whole album on Facebook and be like, “P.S. it’s twins k bye.”

So, so thankful to have these great photos to look back on (and remember that I am pretty okay at doing makeup when I probably forget how after the babes are here).

So yep, that’s what’s new with me! Excited for everyone to know our secret so I can publicly act how shitty I’m feeling instead of people just thinking I’m chubby and cranky. It’s a big win, trust me.

I also bought one box of diapers off Amazon this week. Like… why. I don’t know. I feel like I should save up now while I still have money?! lol.

Now I will leave you with some more gorgeous photos from Rachelle!

Twins Pregnancy Announcement Photo Twins Pregnancy Announcement Photo Twins Pregnancy Announcement Photo Twins Pregnancy Announcement Photo Twins Pregnancy Announcement Photo Twins Pregnancy Announcement Photo

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