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My Big Fat Fundraising Goal for 2019

I knew I wanted to give back to the hospital where my boys fought to live when they were still there. But, WHAT exactly I was going to do and how, I had no idea.

Last month, I started playing around with making t-shirts for babies, toddlers and women and listing them here on Etsy. I really didn’t put much effort into it, but I made $133 in a month! That money is going straight to the hospital.

So that the hospital can keep saving babes like Ax Man and J.

I have some big plans for 2019! But I realized that plans do no good unless people know about them. 😉 So I’m setting my intentions clearly for all to see…

My big fat goal is to raise $1,500 for BC Women’s Hospital Foundation in 2019.

Specifically, for the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) division who took such great care of me during my pregnancy with TTTS and are literally the only reason my boys even made it in the first place. And also for the NICU who saved my boys, treated us like family and who are all people I’ll remember forever.


To reach this goal, I’m going to continue making ridiculous t-shirts (because it’s also fun) and also accepting general donations from friends, family and… you! Internet strangers!

I really hope to ramp up my efforts in the coming years to go bigger and bolder, but I have to start small as 99% of my time is still taken up by the boys, of course, and they are my #1 priority. But I like having a mission to accomplish, too.

A fun bonus of raising this much means that in exchange, my boys will get their very own Baby Tile at BC Women’s Hospital. This is a tile on a hospital wall listing their names and birthdate. Theirs will be in the special NICU section. Call it just sentimental, but there’s something reassuring about their names being on that wall.

A tile that will say “We made it!” (well, not literally, but ya know) and one we can take them to when they’re older to understand how their lives started. We’re going to be spending a lot of time at BC Women’s/Children’s Hospital so it will be a special place to visit for our family. I’m so excited.

How You Can Help

So, how can you help me reach my goal? 🙂

You can…

  • Visit the Etsy store here to grab a shirt for yourself or your kids!
  • Make a donation directly to the hospital on this page (tax deductible for Canadian residents!)
  • Share this post on your social media
  • Share my Etsy store items or the donation campaign on your social media

I appreciate any and all support and words of encouragement! 😊

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