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Axel is Home! (147 Days in the NICU)

Axel is finally home!!

He spent a total of 147 days in the NICU and is now home with his brother Jaxon, who spent 135 days in NICU. It is SO exciting to finally be home with both boys!

We won’t be getting much sleep but at least we don’t have to commute back and forth to the hospital daily to see the other twin, and be split up. It’s so nice to be home together as a family – FINALLY.

We have many follow up appointments with doctors, nurses, physio, OT, specialists, government and medical suppliers. In fact, tomorrow is our only “free day.” But, we are so excited to embark on the next steps of our journey.

We conquered the NICU and now it’s all about taking advantage of early intervention programs to help our preemie boys develop as best we can. They are at risk for delays and things like cerebral palsy due to their brain bleeds and other health issues. We hope they do not encounter even more struggle in their lives, but even if they do, we know they will flourish despite of their hardships.

Part of me didn’t think this day would ever come. And, part of me is sad to leave the NICU. EXCITED to be home for sure, but somewhat sad to leave our routine. For 147 days, we travelled to the hospital and basically lived in their hospital room 12+ hours a day, often staying overnight. I enjoyed meeting all the nurses and doctors who looked after our boys and it became familiar to chat with them all day, many of them becoming close to friends and people I often felt closer to than my friends during the last 5 months.

We will never set foot back in our NICU room, but we will be visiting the NICU and all the amazing nurses who took care of our boys.

Welcome home Axel and Jaxon! 💙

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