Birth Story

Today Is Your Due Date

Today is your due date. You’ve been here for so long already. 3 months premature almost to the day (April 26).

I was so naive back then. I knew the odds of you even surviving the pregnancy to viability were minimal without being able to get a successful laser surgery for Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. I deluded myself into thinking we’d be the exception to the rule. The success story. Born at 34 weeks or beyond…

But no. TTTS decided when you’d be born, sick and almost gone due to heart failure (Stage 4) at 27 weeks. Your health problems are because of this and it’s hard to not be angry this happened to you.

But you’re here. You’re alive. Look where you started from. You’re thriving so far in spite of each of your many challenges (hydrocephalus, VP shunt, grade 4 IVHs, ROP, heart failure, anemia, chronic lung disease and more). And that’s nothing short of amazing.

Happy due date, boys. ❤️

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