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How I Found Out I Was Pregnant

I am writing this on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 at 3:51pm. I may not publish this right away, so I want that to be on the record. Oh man. What a crazy day!

I first began suspecting I was pregnant after two things happened:

  1. My husband and I boned 2 weeks ago
  2. aaaand my period was 2 days late (which it never is!)

Pretty scientific stuff worthy of a detective show, I know.

It’s so funny, the timing of things. I was just out to lunch with a preggo friend the other day (where I had a 2 beers, cuz I didn’t know WHOOPS). I was thinking during our lunch how nice it would be for us to get pregnant, too. We have been trying since the spring now, but not really in earnest. I didn’t even start seriously paying attention to my cycles until last month (clearly I’m a quick study in that department…).

Fast forward only 4 days later, and BAM. Here I am. Typing this at my kitchen counter, in my PJs, waiting for my husband to get home to tell him (I have no idea what to say still!).

And before you think I’m a bum, I am off work on vacation this week.

But let’s back up a little bit.

So I thought I might be pregnant 2 days ago, when my period was late. I know a few days here and there isn’t a big deal for most people, but I am very regular, so it was to me! But I hadn’t felt more tired than usual, had no breast pain or nausea or any of the other symptoms people say you get. I’ve had nothing except a few cramps (that I thought was PMS).

I had a leftover pregnancy test in the bathroom from a scare last year (I wasn’t ready then!) so I thought, what the hell, I’ll take it in the morning.

I took it this morning and waited anxiously for the little hourglass to turn to the words “Not Pregnant” or “Pregnant.”

I got the digital test because I am too much of an analytical spaz to try to figure out the line ones. Anyway.

As I was waiting, my heart began to race. I felt anxious and nervous! Without looking at the test, I asked myself what I wanted it to say. I knew in my heart I wanted it to say yes. At the same time, I was questioning myself like, “Can I do this?! What about work? What about getting sleep? Will I make a good mom at all?”

So, probably pretty regular stuff.

I glanced over and within like 30 seconds the test had finished. Bing! Pregnant, it said. 2-3 weeks. (It was the Clear Blue Weeks Indicator one.)


I'm Pregnant!

I remember feeling overwhelmed and happy and panicky at the same time. My husband and I had obviously talked about having a baby soon but I didn’t think it would be so soon for some reason! In like 8 months, he or she will be here! GAH!

The first thing I did was run downstairs and eat a giant spinach salad with tomatoes and Italian dressing to get some vitamins in, and pop a prenatal. Then just now, I ate an entire plate of chicken nuggets. Have I been feeling more hungry than usual? No. Will I use it to justify eating a whole plate of chicken nuggets? DAMN RIGHT.

I’m going to go think of how to tell my husband now… Being a writer, I usually can plan out just what to say, or come up with a funny joke about most situations. In this case, I have been speechless for over 10 hours.

What a whirlwind day.

So hey there, baby, it’s good to meet you.

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