Pregnancy Update: Week 7

Well, that tiredness everyone said would hit definitely did this week! I have been a walking zombie.

Also, I had to hilariously lie a few times to hide my pregnancy. At the time I’m writing this, I haven’t told anyone (except my husband of course). I wrote all these posts in advance and didn’t publicly share them until afterwards.

Anyway, I have a reputation for being a bit of a drinker. Wine, beer, anything really. Nothing crazy, but I like my booze.

At my 9-5 job, we are plenty stocked with booze. I got out of drinking not one, but 4 times, in the past week by just saying I didn’t want any which was the truth.

But then, one of my bosses (I have two) started getting suspicious. She told me the only reason I wouldn’t drink would be because of pregnancy, medication or that I’m on a diet.

I jokingly, but truthfully, replied that I never diet.

So then. I launched into this explanation of how I was on these new anxiety pills, and I couldn’t drink while on them. And I had to take them for 3 months to see if they took effect. How convenient, right?

Ugh. I felt bad lying. But I mean, it’s kind of true. I do have anxiety, it has gotten a lot worse while I’m pregnant (hormones I guess?), although I am not on any medications right now.

Now I’m sure I’ll have to tell that to all my co-workers in the next few weeks during holiday party central! How embarrassing. Oh well, I’m sure it won’t be the last sacrifice I make for my child. 😀

Also this week, my husband was super supportive as I battled through insomnia, uncomfortable sleep, nausea and extreme tiredness. He took the dog out a lot, made meals, did laundry… that man is amazing.

However, he did make one tiny mistake…

He was nice enough to go grocery shopping after an equally long day of work, and I asked for some chocolate. He brings me this, ladies.

LOL. Especially because he thought my work lying story was so funny. But after I laughed when he got home, he admitted he didn’t even notice the label when he bought it. But still thought it was really funny. 🙄

Hopefully our kid has a sense of humour to keep up with both of us.

Main Symptoms This Week:

  • Nausea central! BLERG.
  • So tired. All the time.
  • Forgetful. Annoyed. Hungry.
  • Bloated.

Cravings This Week:

  • Sparkling water with grapefruit.
  • Tomatoes.
  • McDonald’s french fries (I eat pretty healthy ok give me a break)

Milestones This Week:

  • Uhh, I got fatter?! Hooray.
  • Up 2 bra sizes… not sure whether to be happy or sad about that.

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